Tuesday, 8 March 2011

my is Shirlz

my name is Shirley and my story focuses on the inner city life of jozi, whereby i express how the life is in terms of invoving both male and female and how life is and how the life turns to be so worthless for a woman in the city.

It saddens me how men choose to speak to women and demand respect from you as a woman, it is known that as a person you that you have to earn respect not demand!!!!!!!


  1. dont you think nowadays women tend to be equal with man equalities in terms of evrythind desite the fact that man had the upper hand long ago.

  2. wel like u said that was a long tym ago dnt u think men should learn hw 2 respect woman since its the new generation?

  3. Congrats on the initiative you showed in improving your blog. I like it.

    I also hope that you will continue the dialogue that you started here, As you can see, people are very interested, and I'd guess a few women and men will want to know what this man-hating is all about.

    I suggest you also post YOuTube videos and photos that you like - I noticed you spend quite a bit of time working with those media.