Tuesday, 8 March 2011

man hater

I’m Shirley Ellereus Ndaba I’ve been living in the inner city of Joburg for years and as I grow up I see how men react towards women, the city is crowded and you interact with strange men, some of these men are foreign men.

As a young woman I come across challenges that many women choose to be silent about or if they do try to voice their personal lives out they are unheard. I’m a woman and as a woman I have rights as a human being.

I feel that men see women as sex toys; I feel disrespected when I see that they don’t respect us women regardless of how respectfully dressed you are all they see is a sex freak.

It saddens me how men choose to speak to women and demand respect from you as a woman, it is known that as a person you that you have to earn respect not demand!!!!!!!

I feel that men see women as sex toys, they don’t choose the correct words to use when speaking to a woman, also the way they touch you inappropriately, they try to approach you just like they do to every woman that pass by, as a woman with self disciplined I choose to ignore them, just to avoid noise but as I do that they swear and say disrespectful words.

As a result I try by all means to dress respectfully and appropriately like covering my body as woman, basically I don’t wear skirts or show my cleavage, I do wear long tops or shirts and if I do I wear leggings all the time.

Even though I do that to protect myself from the negative speeches that I might get from these men or to try solve the problem by wearing appropriately, it makes no same difference because they always have something negative to say that will make feel worthless as a woman.

I understand that some women are the reason why these men see all women as the same thing, that’s because some women’s actions in the inner city are unbearable. There are many things that women can do with their lives than just selling their bodies, that’s the reason why men in the inner city don’t respect, women.


  1. sure the girl. that is definetly feel your pain.

  2. i totaly agree girl.men rily dnt respect us as women bt thy expect us 2 respect thm,bt i say if thy trully want respect thy hve 2 work 4 it by treating us in an accetable way.

  3. I agree too. In a dream world women can wear whatever they want. In our world if a woman is raped, the first people ask is what was she wearing, as if it is her fault men have no boundaries.

  4. It's sad that so many men are like this. But it's not all of them, I promise. I hope that you get to meet men who know how to treat women, who show respect and value us for who we are.

  5. i wish i can also meet men like that maybe it might change my opinion about men coz around the neibourhood i live in all men that you meet up with in the streets see women as sex object. gosh i hate their silly nasty comments.