Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Hate crime

I have noticed that men mostly are the ones causing the violence  towards homosexual women, for pasts few weeks i wrote a blog about men not stating that its not all men that disrespect women, i have friends that are men, my families are packed with men, my brothers my cousins, my uncles, my nephews and saving the best of the best for last MY FATHER
Did i really have to forget that  all these people know how to treat women like angels, i think its the background that they grow up from and it is also how they taught at home. i apologize to the men out that know how to handle women in a respected manner.

 I just wish that there could be justice  for us homosexuals it is not a nice things to live in fear of hate crime and keep wondering if you'll one day be the victim of hate crime as a homosexual. I'm a feminine lesbian and proud i just what to be excepted that way i am and not be treated.

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  1. Hi Shirlz
    Glad to see you're still blogging. It's the bad apples that give men a bad name, so I think your readers understand that your post did not mean to imply that ALL MEN ARE ABUSERS.